After republishing a story, I found online on ways to avoid being a victim of MTN mobile money fraud, which focused on how subscribers can protect themselves from being duped by MTN mobile money agents or vendors. A reader on Opera News expressed sentiments on the single-sidedness of the story and was not pleased. This reader, however, made some interesting revelations in a comment, and I wish to share for us to learn.

The truth of the matter is, a fraudster can be anyone. We need to be careful when dealing with issues relating to mobile money transfers, mobile money alerts, request by strangers to send money for something to be done for us, or old friends (who probably don’t exist) asking as to pay someone because they have a parcel for us blah blah.

Let’s dive straight into my reader’s revelations. It may not be entirely new to some of you. However, this is a wake-up call for us.

Mobile Money Fraud tricks

These are the different ways they operate.

1. They come to you with fake phones and tell you to send money to a number for them after placing the phones on your counter. They behave as if they are very busy. If you play to their tricks, you are defrauded.

2. They also defraud by calling you and directing you to do something on the phone so that you can retrieve your money whenever you send it to the wrong person. Immediately, you do that; they will lead you through a process that wipes off your money from your account.

3. They send a message to your phone that you have received money from someone, so send it back. If you try checking your account, your money is gone. Under this same trick, you are forced to send the money back immediately. You may send it only to realise no money came into your account.

4. They rob by calling you that your child is very sick at the hospital so the headmaster of the school is the one calling you to send money so the school will kick start with caring for the child before you come.

5. They also rob you by sending messages to you that you won a prize so you should go to an agent to send some amount of money to them and then the prize would be delivered.

mtn mobile money fraud

From my previews post, the focus has been on the MTN agent or vendor is the one who could perpetuate this kind of crime. But, I want to make it clear that we are all vulnerable irrespective.

These fraudsters don’t care if you are a subscriber or an agent, once you are on the MTN network, you are a target.

Let’s take note of the above tricks or methods these fraudsters use seriously, so we don’t fall prey in our moment of being compassionate to a stranger.

I have received similar calls, but unfortunately for that twat fraudster, I was too much for him to deceive with a mere prize from MTN. Some of my colleagues have had calls about their children being sick at school, etc. MTN mobile money fraud is REAL. Please, be careful.

To be foretold is to be forewarned!!!

Share with me your experience on this subject in the comment section below.


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