Facebook is trying its best to keep its users so there are constant changes to make the platform more enjoyable. Now the company is updating the site with some settings that will allow you to turn off the red dots that you see on tabs for new notifications straight from the Facebook homescreen.
According to TechCrunch, a spokesperson from Facebook said, “It’s related to the work we’re doing with the well-being team. We’re thinking about how people spend their time in the app and making sure that it’s time well spent”.
The new Facebook Notification setting was revealed by popular reverse engineering specialist and tipster, Jane Manchun Wong. She spotted the setting in hidden Facebook’s Android app’s code.
Another social media consultant, Matt Navarra, also tweeted the feature being publicly tested.
Facebook itself has confirmed that this is a new worldwide test and it has started recently. Facebook is testing the feature on both iOS and Android for a few users. Facebook’s spokesperson said:
“We are testing new ways to give people more control over the notifications they receive in the Facebook app.
“People don’t necessarily want to see a notification on the badge [the in-app dots on tabs] if they’re already getting notifications in the jewel [the red counter on the Facebook app icon on your phone’s homescreen].”

How to turn off Facebook Notification Dots

The feature is in the testing phase so not everyone would have access to it right now. But if you are one of the few testers, you’ll follow this to turn off your little notification dots on the Facebook app.

  1. Under the three-lined More/Menu tab, go Settings & Privacy.
  2. Hit Settings.
  3. Notifications
  4. Finally, you hit Notification Dots.
  5. Here you can “Choose which shortcuts will show you notifications dots” with options for “Videos On Watch”, “Profile”, “Groups”, “Menu”.

Note that for the main Notifications tab, you can’t disable its red dots. Why? This is the main announcer for new activities (mentions, likes, etc.) so disabling it would prevent you from seeing any new notification at all.
You can also turn off web notifications in the Google Chrome browser, see how.



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