MTN TurboNet is one of the best internet innovations to hit Ghana in recent times. After 4 months of using the MTN TurboNet, this is what we have to say.
Before we dive in, let’s talk about what the MTN TurboNet is all about.

What is TurboNet?

It’s an affordable alternative to fiber broadband, it is a fixed broadband wireless router that provides speeds almost as fast as fiber.
It comes with a high-powered indoor antenna and data SIM that enables it to deliver better signal even at remote locations.
This router provides high-speed internet for up to 32 users at the same time,however, one has to be within MTN’s 4G coverage to enjoy this fast internet. You can still use the Turbonet if you are not within the 4G coverage with the help of the indoor antenna but won’t get the best of speeds.
TurboNet is an ideal internet solution for homes and small offices.

Why is the MTN TurboNet becoming the preferred home and small office  internet solution?


MTN has not only subsidies the price of this router for GHS 300, but has also introduced into the Ghanaian market the most realistic affordable data bundles ever. This is unprecedented!
You can get 5GB for as low as GHS 20 and 550GB for an unbelievable GHS395. You won’t get this anywhere. If nothing will convince you about getting the TurboNet, this should!
We save GHS 160 monthly since we started using MTN TurboNet. We used to spend GHS 400 monthly to get 200GB from another service provider, but since subscribing to MTN TurboNet we only spend GHS 240 for 225GB of data. And TurboNet even allows for data rollovers when you recharge before the expiry.
You can rollover your unused internet data to the next month subscription. All you have to do is ensure that you auto-renew your data subscription before it expires and your unused data is automatically moved to the next month.

Simple to setup ( plug and play)

You don’t need to be a tech savvy to be able to set it up. Once your 4G SIM card is inserted in the router, plug it into a power supply and turn the router on. You are good to go with the default settings.
In the event, you want to change the default settings, you may have to check out our next video on how to configure the MTN Turbonet router.

No Fibre installation or coverage needed

You don’t need to have MTN’s fibre infrastructure in your neighboured to enjoy this service. It is a wireless service.

Fast internet

MTN promises 4G LTE speed of up to 300Mbps. Depending on one’s location, the speed may vary.

Any drawbacks?

Yes, but not a big deal. Unlike Mifi’s that come with a battery, the MTN TurnoNet relies on direct power. So, in the event of a light out you lose your internet connection. For internet connection at all times, we recommend plugging your TurnoNet to a UPS to enjoy uninterrupted access at all times.
Another setback is that the TurboNet is not mobile. It has to be stationed at one place in your home or office close to a power source.  It is not meant to be used on the go.

Take away tip

You should not put the TurboNet router close to anything that uses broadcast frequency signals like your TV sets or radios.


If you want to save on internet data and still enjoy reliable internet service nationwide, then, consider MTN TurboNet. Imagine what you can do with internet that spans the entire country. We will like to hear from you concerning your experience with the Turbonet as we believe the experience will vary depending on one’s location.

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