mtn revise data packages

Owing to loads of complaints lodged against MTN Ghana on social media earlier this week, the telecom company has gone back to revise its internet data packages.

On Sunday, MTN Ghana announced that it has officially revised its data packages as a response to suggestions that data bought from it should not expire. The result was just disastrous. The new data package became way too expensive as MTN gave less than half of some of the previous data bundles.

Some subscribers also complained that the data they bought never came to their phones but their monies were deducted. The situation forced MTN to apologise and promised to fix the problem. The NCA even ordered the company to compensate such subscribers.

Well, it seems the company is getting back on track as the expensive data packages have been revised, though they are still expensive compared to what they sold in the rest of the year.

The 3 cedis per day bundle which gave users 500 MB previously gave users about just 100 MB from Sunday to Tuesday. Now the same amount gives you 461.54 MB (a little closer to 500 MB). But the midnight bundles have stayed the same, 3 cedis gives you 2.93 GB.

mtn revise data packages

The latest data bundles revision could also be a result of people moving to Vodafone as they realised Vodafone had better daily data packages as compared to MTN’s packages earlier this week.


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