MTN Digital Media Training

Telecommunications company MTN Ghana has organised a forum called the MTN Digital Media Training for journalists in the country. The event was set up to school the journalists working out in the Ahafo, Bono and Bono East regions on social media.

The one-day workshop saw the journalists working in these regions learn the use and significance of incorporating social media into their work. This workshop by telecoms giant MTN Ghana was attended by more than 20 journalists from the area.

Maximus Ametorgoh, a social media expert was a speaker at the event. Ametorgoh, who is the Digital Lead at Popout, speaking at the event, gave a piece of advice to the attendees to adopt the use of social media in their work. He gave this advice as he told them that social media and its effects on our society has come to stay.

According to Ametorgoh, a lot of people are now realising the power of social media. With that, continuing his talk, Max said journalists can take advantage of it by pushing their stories through social media channels to make the desired impact.

Also, Max pointed out that journalists can make more money from their work if they incorporate the good use of the multiple social media platforms available.

Media or publishing businesses that are not leveraging the power of social media, he advised to do so since at the long run, it will help increase their presence and influence. Aside from that, it will go a long way to earn them more income aside from the traditional channels of making money.

MTN Digital Media Training journalist

Media houses were also recommended to develop mobile apps as a lot of people now are accessing news right from their mobile devices. These apps can also be monetised to increase their income generation as their users access their news items.

Efua Falconer, who is the Corporate Communications Manager for MTN Ghana, said the company poised to lead the way when it comes to the digital revolution in any aspect in the country.

Ms Falconer said the MTN Digital Media Training is a part of the company’s plan in its digital revolution agenda.

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