The Ayoba Hackathon team called for App Developers with amazing life-changing ideas that would solve problems in society. A call pulled about 261 applicants registered with only 171 participants enrolling in the competition.

The shortlisted 26 qualifiers presented their projects to the panel judges on the 10th of September, 2021 where 5 top Apps would be awarded cash prizes.

MTN Ayoba Hackathon 2021 Pin

As the #AyobaHackGh kick-starts, the well-groomed participants presented their ideas to the satisfaction of the judges.

Some brilliant ideas shared include, Ayarisa; a HeathTech app seeking to provide smart healthcare, Amerya; a smart app that rates local food and recommends the best service based on the user location, Stride; an app that promises swift delivery with high security, Request; petty cash solutions for organisations, SmartLegs; a shares bus for individuals who are heading towards the same location based on their current location, UNLOQR; a real-time rewarding app for mobile games, Edubase; a fully interactive and informative app that connects students to brilliant teachers in a location, and other related apps were presented at the event.

MTN Ayoba Hackathon 2021 Pin

All these apps are hosted on the Ayoba Super App where they can leverage on the MTN database as part of supporting all the participants in the competition.


After a long day, the judges expressed their satisfaction with the young developer’s pitch and appreciates the future of tech in Ghana.

Complimenting MTN Ghana for such an initiative, the judges promised to carefully select 5 top Apps based on true essence and presentation to be rewarded with cash prize.

MTN Ayoba Hackathon 2021 Pin

According to the Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana Noel Kojo-Ganson said, “As part of MTN’s Ambition 2025, the business is ably positioning itself to be a digital company and projects such as the Ayoba Hackathon will help to set the tone for the total transformation of the business into a digital business.”

Ayoba Hackathon 2021 looks promising as we await the grande finale on 17th September. Participants are motivated, judges are triggered, organisers are challenged as we all anticipate who wins MTN #AyobaHackGh

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