Mozilla launches Firefox Lockbox, a password manager for Android

Mozilla, for a while now, has been focusing more on privacy and security. It is perhaps its chosen way of trying to set itself apart from its competitors. Recently, the company rolled out its file sharing service on Android, with a respectable degree of security.
In its bid to protect users data as possible, Mozilla has launched a new password manager for Android called the Firefox Lockbox.

The Firefox Lockbox password manager assures users that it will “securely and privately store [their] passwords”. It will do this while making sure that people remain logged in to whatever apps and services they’re using.

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Do we need another password manager?

The only question here is, are there not too many password managers already? Do we really need more of these apps? Perhaps, we do. Compared to other password managers, the initial setup process on Firefox Lockbox is specially built to be as easy as possible.

When you install the app on your phone, your passwords are automatically copied from Firefox browser onto it. This saves you time. You wouldn’t need to spend time manually typing them one-by-one into the manager.

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You know it will work because they are the same passwords saved in your phone’s autocomplete.

You can access the passwords in plaintext, once you have copied them to the manager, by using your phone’s fingerprint scanner, or with facial recognition. The Firefox Lockbox app has support for such security functionalities. Mozilla is going all that length to protect your data and privacy.

Firefox Lockbox is designed to save you time and energy. The password manager can connect to the Firefox browser for desktop. With this, you wouldn’t have to do a double work of re-entering passwords. Mozilla also says the Firefox Lockbox password manager uses a 256-bit encryption to protect your passwords.

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The Firefox Lockbox password manager is available for download on Google Play Store. iPhone users are not left out. Mozilla already has the iOS version of the app. You can get the iOS version of Firefox Lockbox on App Store.


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