As you already know, some mother-in-laws find it so hard to let go of their sons. These kinds of mothers have been calling the shots since he was young and never want to stop even when he grows up and decides to get married. Are you battling with a mother in law like that, see Signs that your mother-in-law is jealous of you:
1. Understand her: Rather than quarreling with her or retaliating, you need to understand where she is coming from. Women are very emotional, so once you observe her character for a while and know the things that will push her wrong buttons, you will know how to adjust.
2. Give her attention: No mother wants to be replaced by a wife. Therefore, you must know her insecurities and pay attention to her too. Calling or texting her from time to time will help you to get to know her better. Visits once in a while will not be a bad idea too.
3. Keep her involved: You need to make her feel happy and special at all times. Make sure she is involved in a few things in your house so she won’t feel useless. React out to her for advice on parenting as well since she has lots of experience. Ask for special recipes that can be useful in your kitchen too.

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4. Respect the bond between her and her son: According to PulseNG, Never tamper with the love a mother has for her boy. As soon as you accept the fact that their bond cannot be broken, everything will be less complicated. Let her know that your arrival will not jeopardize their relationship and she will love you right back.
5. Assist her with the transition: Your mother-in-law is going through a transition you can help with. Her son is now with his soulmate so you have to do all you can to make her remain comfortable and secure. Not doing this will make things difficult for you because as you already know, the wrath of a jealous mother-in-law is terrible.
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