Oily skin can be both troublesome and good. There is no consistent skincare routine for it but it is also great for that extra bit of shine. To help you take proper care of it, see our list of Morning and nighttime skincare routine for oily skin:
1. Mild gel cleanser: In the morning, you do not need a heavy cleanser, else your skin will produce more oil.
2. Gentle toner: When you just wake up and have a bath, it is best to not do too much to your skin since it will be exposed to the sun. You want to ensure it is not so sensitive.
3. Hydrating gel moisturizer: Always use moisturizer in the morning if you want your skin to be hydrated all day.
4. Oil blotting papers: When your T-Zone is still oily during the day, oil blotting papers can help.
5. Exfoliating toner: They are very effective and give fast results.

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