Building a beautiful lawn or exterior is one of the best achievements for any homeowner. Whether it’s an elegant or marvellous garden or landscape architecture, the homeowner always prioritizes creating a perfect space that could look beautiful with the house.
Fencing the exterior of the house can be considered as one of the greatest projects a homeowner could ever accomplish. However, there are plenty of common mistakes homeowners make while installing a fence. A fence that isn’t relevant to the lawn or house can downgrade the impression.
Today we will discuss 5 common mistakes homeowners make while installing fences around their property.

Incomplete Planning

One of the common mistakes homeowners make is they don’t have a proper plan while installing the fence. Before you choose the appropriate fence and materials, it’s crucial to develop proper fence installation planning.

You Don’t Know Your Property

One of the major mistakes most homeowners make when installing a fence is they don’t research their property. Before fencing, make sure you have a clear map that tells you about the divisions or your land or the blueprint.
Thus, you can observe your property neatly and this will help you to avoid fencing on your neighbour’s property. This will not only save you from paying extra money but also legal notice and fines. If you’re unsure about your property, then remember to survey to identify the lines of your property.
Additionally, don’t forget to measure twice or even thrice to avoid any miscalculation. Thus, you can buy appropriate materials for your fence as well as save some money.

Forgetting To Call an Expert

Many homeowners try to install a fence without calling in the experts. This costs them more money along with irrelevant hassles. If you want expert advice, then here is a local Seattle fence company that can guide you to install a proper fence.
Most fence posts must have aluminium fences installed at a minimum of 30 inches deep. If you perform a miscalculation, then you could end up hitting underground wires and pipes. Hence, it’s important to call the experts for a smooth installation experience.

You Don’t Check the Laws

If you think that you can install any fences you want, then you’re wrong. While installing fences, make sure you’re familiar with the local laws about boundary requirements and height limitations. According to Findlaw, don’t forget to check your local Homeowner’s Association (HOA) along with your local zoning laws, as they have strict rules regarding the fence variety, colours, and heights. If you’re installing a fence for your pool, then make sure that the fence isn’t violating the local safety codes.

You Don’t Set the Gates Correctly

Your property needs a way to get in and out while outdoors, which means installing a gate is important. Don’t forget to measure the fence gate area meticulously and some space for any hardware activities. You also have to install solid hinge posts that will help you to hang the gate. However, don’t forget to check the ground clearance of the gate.


Here are some mistakes homeowners make while installing new fences. Remember that fences provide you protection from various things such as burglary and inquisitive neighbours. Thus, installing a fence around your property is mandatory if you don’t want to engage in any negative situations.
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