There are so many myths and misconceptions about programming. A lot of people think that you have to be extremely gifted to become a good programmer. It is not a career path for geeks or those that are mathematically inclined. Most of the notions are only misconceptions and this article is going to debunk some of them.

You Have to be Good at Mathematics to Master Programming

There is a lot of confusion between mathematics and programming. You don’t have to be great at mathematics in order to become good at programming. As much as it matters, it is not an absolute necessity. A programmer will spend the majority of the time writing code. There are no mathematical formulas involved. Even if you need math knowledge, it will be basic algebra. There are different libraries and plugins that you can use to avoid doing the calculations manually. The challenge will only come in when you’re trying to create a program that requires complex mathematical formulas. If math is not your forte, the chances are low that you will be developing such a program.

You Must be a Genius to be a Programmer

Programming has nothing to do with biological factors. You can be a programmer whether you have an IQ of 90 or 160. All that matters is the interest in programming. You can expect to fail repeatedly before you become good at programming. This should be an encouraging sign because of the notion that programming is only for the gifted. Programming is a language with its own grammar and rules, as you will first need to learn before anything else. The language is meant to help communicate with the machine. You can think of it as the language that you use to interact with other humans.

You Have to Go to a University

You don’t have to go to a university to be a good programmer. There are tons of resources both free and paid for that you can use. Most of the good programmers are self-taught. The drive is from within and it is easy to learn when you’re self-motivated. They’re also enthusiastic programmers out there that are always willing to lend a helping hand to those starting out. There are forums that you can join where valuable insights are shared. You don’t want to feel alone when you’re just starting out.

You Must be an Adult to Learn Programming

Code is universal and anyone with an interest can learn. Children are in the best position to learn code because there are no inhibitions or misconceptions about code. Kids learn to code in a visual way. There are code boot camps all over the country that are specifically designed for kids. Kids prefer an interactive environment. Starting your kids early with programming will give them a competitive edge.

You Must Learn the Best Language

As we’ve mentioned, programming is a language that is used to communicate with the machine. There is no such thing as the “best” programming language. This is particularly true when you’re just starting out. You need to find a language that you’re comfortable with. There are some languages that are better suited for some functions more than others. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re superior. There are some good programming languages for beginners. If you don’t know where to start, you could try out Python. It is versatile and can be used to develop applications like for scraping reviews on the internet.

It Takes Weeks to Be Good at Programming

Most people will get discouraged when they come to a reality that they can’t develop a program as they thought. Programming requires patience. It could take months before you become competent. Once you get the groove, you will realize it was worth the patience. Any seasoned programmer will tell you that it can take years before you master a program. You just need to have an interest and lots of patience, as it is easy to give up when things are not going your way. You just need to make sure you’re constantly improving because that is the most effective way to get good at the craft.

Women Can’t Code

This is another common misconception in the programming world. More women are pursuing coding as a career. Some of the most influential programmers from our generation are women.
To conclude, anyone can be a programmer as long as they’re disciplined and are willing to put in the work. It takes years to perfect. If you’re thinking of being a great programmer, now is the time to start.

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