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2020 is no longer a new year and it is a new opportunity to get things right when it comes to men. Every woman now has a clean slate to begin new love journeys, you just have to know how to look and the things to avoid. Let’s aid your peace of mind with our list of guys to stay away from if you want a long-lasting relationship. men avoid 2020:

1. The commitment hater: This kind of guy will never commit to you. Yes, there will be great moments but he will not crown it all with a final commitment to seal the deal. Stay away because a relationship without commitment is dead.

2. The gaslighter: This is a man who is aware of what you want but knowingly refuses to make it happen even when he is very capable to take the step. To make matters worse, when you confront him about it, he’ll pretend to not know where you are coming from.

3. The on and off one: These are the inconsistent ones who blow hot and cold and are never dependable. And as you already know, reliability is important in all kinds of relationships. If your man disappears and reappears when he wants, end the relationship and be done with that in 2020.

4. The man who is good, but not good enough: There are guys like this, they fit the description of what you want but they are still not the one. Do not settle for what is not enough, take your time and hold on for what is best for you. The man of your dreams will eventually come.

5. Baggage-lugging man: This one still has exes and baby mamas he cares about. You don’t want that drama this year.

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