Mega Discount Store expands its product range for a new online retail shopping experience

Ghana’s e-commerce retailer; Mega Discount Store, has expanded its range of products and has also introduced a new system for placing orders and making product deliveries to make things easier for patrons.

The products, ranging from drones and cameras to phone cases and accessories, apparel and fashion accessories, to fishing gear, as well as car and motorcycle accessories, etc., will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Ghana.

An Express and Convenient Delivery Service

Owning a product on the Mega site is as easy as placing the order and having it delivered to your pickup point. The site offers two shopping and delivery systems:

  • Cash on Delivery (24h delivery), and
  • Pre-Order (upfront payment and up to 10 days delivery). This is for items that are not available in the local warehouse to be shipped and directly delivered to customers.

There are several methods by which you can make payments when shopping on the Mega store. These are Cash on Delivery, Mobile Money, and Paypal. There’s 24-hour customer support; either via Messenger or WhatsApp chat — from the homepage. Mega places a warranty on all sold products and also has in place an after sales return policy which is stated on the home page.

Online Affiliate Marketing Program

Since it operates in the e-commerce space, Mega Discount Store would soon introduce its Online Marketing Affiliate Program which would enable individuals who join to work as online sales executives and also, as social media promoters who earn a commission in return for promoting Mega Discount Store products on social media.

From time to time, the store runs 24-hour “fire sales” where it gives away up to 50% in discounts to shoppers. With this, customers receive instant notification via SMS when the sales are on. The Mega Discount Store would soon introduce a new section meant for stock liquidation.


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