Using Matte Lightroom presets you can cope with color correction, shadows fixing or oversaturation issues in a quicker way. Regardless of the Adobe Lr version you use, even Lightroom Mobile for iOS and Android, you can take advantage of the matte effect and make your images special.

1. Complete Matte Collection

Complete Matte Collection Pin
The bundle comprises 130 top-quality matte presets that help even out the skin tone and give it a beautiful look, as well as improve the entire color palette of your picture. Use them to improve your images with warm and gentle highlights that will add to a nostalgic mood to your works. The finished picture will resemble those printed on a matte paper.

2. Ultimate Matte Collection

Ultimate Matte CollectionPin
This pack consists of 100 pro-level presets that will easily add a mesmerizing matte effect to your photos. They are compatible with all Lightroom versions, so you won’t face any difficulties during installation and usage.
Use them to improve the coloring of your pictures in a gentle way without distorting their initial look. We highly recommend portrait and wedding photographers to pay attention to this collection as each tool is aimed at highlighting the natural beauty of a model, fixing lighting flaws and focusing on the sincere emotions typically presented in such photos.

3. Matte Effect Collection

matte lightroom presets effect collectionPin
Download 30 first-rate Lightroom matte presets and use them to enhance photos on your laptop or smartphone. They help improving shadows, correcting skin defects, adding beautiful chocolate shades and introducing romantic flair.
Being universal plug-ins, they can be used for images of different genres. If you deal with baby photos, we recommend to download Photoshop Actions for Newborn Photography (URL: best-newborn-photoshop-actions) to make photos look good in several clicks.

4. Matte Film Collection

matte lightroom presets film collectionPin
Looking for matte presets that can not only add delicate shades to your images but also embellish them with cinematic vibes? Here is a wonderful collection of 29 filters suitable for editing both B&W and colorful shots. The result is bound to impress many viewers.

5. Wedding Matte Collection

matte lightroom presets free collectionPin
A worthy compilation of presets with the must-have tools for every portrait photographer. Here you can choose among 4 separate bundles crammed with spectacular matte effects. They allow achieving professional results in a matter of seconds.
Use any matte Lightroom preset from the pack to blur the background a bit and concentrate attention on the model. Besides, they improve the skin tone and color removing visible flaws yet preserving the natural look.


6. Premium Matte Collection

matte lightroom presets premium collectionPin
The Premium collection of matte presets for giving shots a timeless look. There are 20 effects in total, each of them aimed at correcting colors in a gentle manner, removing sharp contrast and filling the frame with warmth.
The pictures edited with the help of these presets resemble old images from a family photo album. They are suitable for editing images depicting iconic events and important moments of the personal life. For enhancing the background, use Cloud Photoshop Overlays.

7. Retro Vintage Matte Collection

matte lightroom presets retro vintage collectionPin
If you are after a retro look in your works, you can fully rely on this collection of matte Lightroom presets. Use any of 20 first-class tools to age your photos if you want them to look as if they were taken many years ago. A picture acquires a peculiar grainy texture while the skin and hair look neat and beautiful. Such images are sure to evoke many sweet memories.

8. Deep Matte Collection

matte lightroom presets deep collectionPin
Both rookie and experienced photo retouchers can use these 30 matter presets for Lightroom. They allow making images more romantic and eye-catching. Use them to improve the skin tone, fix shadows, remove harsh transitions, etc. They are suitable for editing portrait shots and story series photos.

9. Fashion Matte Collection

Fashion Matte CollectionPin
Those engaged in fashion photography absolutely need to download this kit of matte presets. They help make the skin look flawless yet natural, improve makeup and hairdo, attire and accessories. You can also apply them to correct colors, get rid of distracting bright elements, bring highlights and shades into order.

10. Sensation Matte Collection

matte lightroom presets sensation collectionPin
These presets can become your go-to tools for professional color correction. They allow making tones warmer or colder, fix overexposures, improve white balance and get rid of deep shadows. Regardless of the genre you specialize in, they are bound to impress you with high-quality results. For improving the photos of babies we recommend installing New born Photoshop Actions to remove all skin blemishes and make proper color grading.
Don’t forget to check out these 20 free Lightroom presets for portraits.

DOWNLOAD FREE “Matte” Presets

DOWNLOAD FREE “Matte Effect” Wedding Presets



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