15 best clouds Photoshop overlays

Best clouds Photoshop overlays

These cloud overlays for Photoshop are created from real photos. They will help you add clouds to the pictures, designs or photo manipulations to make the dull sky more interesting.

This bundle includes multiple types of clouds for different lighting and time of day, with various color effects.

All cloud overlays are released in JPEG image format and have a high resolution of 6000*4000px 300 dpi. They are compatible with all Adobe products including Photoshop.

1. Cotton Candy Clouds Overlays

Cotton Candy Clouds Overlays
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

These overlays have a creative pink color effect on the clouds. Cotton Candy Clouds will be a great choice for those who want to make their pictures fabulous. Apply these sky overlays for Photoshop to the photos taken in the evening to get a realistic effect.

2. Sky Boundless

Sky Boundless
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

Apply this overlay to add a special mood to your travel shots. Such thunderclouds will allow you to add a bit of drama even to the most ordinary photographs. Just drag them to the clear sky and see how the atmosphere of the image changes.

3. Thick Altocumulus Clouds

Thick Altocumulus Clouds
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

Apply this cloudy sky overlay to the photos of a sunny summer or spring day. These clouds will look especially good in bright beach pictures. Although the sky will create contrast, it will not be visually imposing.

4. High Cirrus Clouds for Sunset

High Cirrus Clouds for Sunset
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

These clouds will add a tint of romance to your photo. They are ideal for pictures of couples taken at sunset as they have a slightly pink and orange tone, which is not suitable for daytime landscapes.

5. Dramatic Rain Clouds

Dramatic Rain Clouds
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

Although such clouds add a dramatic effect to the photos, they are a harbinger of rain which can spoil your photoshoot. With this overlay, you do not need to risk. Feel free to arrange a photo session at any convenient time and then add these clouds in Photoshop.

6. Clouds for Blurry Background

Clouds for Blurry Background  
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

This is an excellent cloud overlay for Photoshop that works best with waist/chest portraits. The clouds will perfectly merge with the background without distracting the attention from the main subject. Instead, they will organically complement the picture.

7. Cumulus Clouds for Landscapes

Cumulus Clouds for Landscapes
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

If you take the landscape photos in the daytime, then you know that the clear sky can make your picture boring. This overlay has contrasting, saturated clouds that will adorn any landscape.

8. Thick Evening Clouds

Thick Evening Clouds
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

The evening sky often looks dull with its gray, faded color. With this cloudy sky overlay you can add a unique pattern to the sky. The subject will look even more appealing in the picture due to the contrast between the clouds and the sky.

9. Invisible Clouds

Invisible Clouds
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

This is a very delicate and simple background which is ideal for portraits. The clouds don’t have well-defined edges. Instead, you will achieve barely visible white clouds against a blue sky background. If you want to highlight the main subject in the photo, this tool will be the best fit. Besides, we recommend using Matte Lightroom Presets or delicate color correction.

10. Sky and Clouds on a Hot Summer Day

Sky and Clouds on a Hot Summer Day
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

In summer you will hardly find clouds in the sky. That is why even the coolest photo can be spoiled by the lack of clouds. To enliven your shots, you just need to make a couple of clicks and add this overlay to your picture.

11. Feather Clouds at Sunset

Feather Clouds at Sunset
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

Spice up your portrait or landscape pictures taken at sunset with this cloud overlay for Photoshop. This overlay will not only give your picture a mysterious mood but also enhance the overall look of the image.

12. Universal Cloud Overlay

Universal Cloud Overlay
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

This is a universal overlay since it is suitable for any photography genre. You can use this tool as a background for portraits or apply it to landscape images. The overlay is suitable for the pictures taken in the daytime. However, if you slightly reduce the brightness, feel free to use it in the evening photos.

13. Golden Clouds in the Evening Sky

Golden Clouds in the Evening Sky
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

This overlay is the work of art inspired by nature. It allows you to create a golden sunset with dark clouds of various shapes and colors. Use this cloudy sky overlay if you have a contrasting subject so that the sky doesn’t catch all the attention of the viewers.

14. Sunset Sky Overlay

Sunset Sky Overlay
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

This overlay gives an awesome effect if you use it with sun rays. You can lighten the dark sunset scenes and then add this sunset sky overlay to make the photo warmer.

15. Clear Sky with Small Clouds

Clear Sky with Small Clouds
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

This overlay is widely used to replace the dull sky with a more saturated one. It is a clear sky with small clouds far away. This cloud overlay for Photoshop will be a perfect option if you want to change the sky in the image but don’t want to create a distracting pattern that pulls attention away from the main subject. For improving the photos of babies we recommend installing Newborn Photoshop Actions to remove all skin blemishes and make proper color grading.

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