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If he is still holding on to fond memories with his former girlfriend, there are ways to know. The truth is that most guys prefer to get into another relationship after a painful breakup just to avoid the healing process and prove that they have truly moved on. If you are dating one of those guys, these tips will help you.

1. He keeps mementos: Human beings only intentionally hold on to memories if they are very precious to them. So if your man has something from his former lover that he cherishes so much, he has not moved on. If he really wants to forget everything about her, reminding herself of her is a no no

2. He’s trying too hard: This might be hard to detect but it is a reality. Sometimes, as he tries to prove to you that he has completely moved on, he might begin to overdo some things that he normally would not do. It could be excessive care, attention, gifts and so on. Yes, ladies love the care, attention, and gifts, but not from a man that is pretending.

3. He talks too much about her: This is just very wrong. And it clearly proves that he is only dating you as a rebound.

4. He hates her: You might think this is a good thing, but it is not. When he hates his ex so much, talk about how horrible she is and how happy he is to be free from her, it could mean something else. It could be reverse psychology. He could still love her and might just be saying the opposite of how he feels.

5. Comparisons: If he compares you to her all the time, he is still stuck on his ex. He will never appreciate you the way you want.

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