Making money as a musician is not a very easy task. With so many good musicians out there, you can agree with me that this is one of the toughest things. There are so many ways to start making money from music. They aren’t so difficult, and you can start doing them.

One of the things you must be aware of is that you need to make good music. Good music always sells itself, as people say but you still need some promotion though. I have seen people spend thousands of US dollars on music promotion, yet spend up to 50% of the initial investments on promotions. However you cannot compare music to movies.

When your music is good enough, it will get played by people. Ringing tones, clubs, parties and so many others will make it their anthem and it keeps going viral. Now after going viral, what is next? You will need ti start making money from your fame. People rarely sell discs now and records are no more bought. Africans don’t too patronize Amazon, iTunes and other music stores online. We need to see how these musicians make their money.

How to start making money from music as a Ghanaian

As I have earlier said, you must be a good artist before you start making money from music. There are so many ways to do that and will see them below:

  • YouTube

Who would have known that YouTube would later rise to become a major source of income for musical artists? With its millions of daily visitors, you are sure that there is a ready audience to watch you sing. After getting a good audience and hitting the YouTube’s requirements, then you can start making money from it through Google AdSense. YouTube is now more like a business and should be taken as such.

  • Selling of your music

By selling, I do not mean the olden methods of selling records or stuff like that. You can sell your music on iTunes  and Amazon. Alternatively, you should consider sites like Gumroad, Sellfy and so on. All you do is to upload your music files there and set your price, then they collect the money and pay you. For Gumroad, the minimum payout is $10 and via PayPal. It may vary with other stores.

  • Deals and nominations

When you become a public face, then it’s time to start making money from that. You can get deals from companies who would want you to promote them. Some top companies like Ciroc and Nike who are probably trying to reach the African audience would pay you heavily. There are so many artists that are Coca-Cola and Pepsi brand ambassadors. This is also a great way of making money from music.

However it is not easy to get access to these deals except you start hitting good impressions. This is because they are targeting your fans and not you. If you start making good music, then the way would be a go go for you.

In whatever you’re doing, remember passion thrives. Whether you’re making the money already or not, keep on doing what you are doing. It will pay you off someday.

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