Here are ways to make bae miss you like crazy

Make bae miss you

Humans love it when they are wanted and missed and things are no different when it comes to guys in relationships. In every relationship, the guy wants his presence to be very important to his partner to the point that she longs to see him almost every time. As a guy, how can you make this happen? Let’s show you. Make bae miss you:
1. A special experience: Give her an experience she will always remember you, and no one else, by. You must make it very special and it should be something she is not already used to. Go for anything she has always wished to try but never had the chance to.
2. Do other things: You do not have to be with her all the time. Chill with your friends, do other things and tell her to do likewise. Being her lover does not mean you should be around each other all the time. You have to make her miss you.
3. Send your girl a song that is special to you: This is a romantic way of making her miss you. Simply send her a track she knows you love and ensure the lyrics makes a lot of sense. In no distant time, she’ll love the song as well and it will mean so much to both of you. Once that happens, whenever she hears that jam, she will definitely think about you.
4. Make her laugh: Forget the hard guy nonsense and let out your happy emotions. If you want her to miss you from time to time, you need to make her laugh when she is around you. There are so many things to create jokes with so this should not be so difficult.
5. Treat her well: If you treat her right and pay proper attention to her, she’ll always feel special around you and that should make her long to see you often. Making her priority will trigger her wanting to spend as much time as possible with you.



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