A search for a dentist within a few miles radius of where you live could potentially throw up millions of results. Dentists are most likely to have independent practices, meaning that clinics generally sprout up all over the place in areas with even moderate levels of population density. Dental procedures can also often be really expensive for patients.
Even the most minor procedures require a significant amount of experience and equipment on the part of the dentist. The equipment can cost a significant amount of money, a cost that inevitably needs to be passed on to the patient.
The fact that such a large number of dental clinics are present everywhere means that the competition among these clinics for a limited number of patients is fierce. Patients will consider a number of different factors when choosing a dental clinic. The first factor is generally the qualification of the dentist and how experienced the dentist is. People can even rely on word of mouth from people who live in the area.
Another major factor is the cost of the treatment. Dental treatment costs can vary widely from clinic to clinic, and people often tend to prefer the less costly option if dentists with the same broad rating are to be chosen among.
Even with these two options considered, there are a number of ways in which you can boost the sales of your orthodontist clinic. The below list lays out some of these methods.

Patient Financing

Patient financing can play a significant part in allaying the doubts of your patients as far as costs are concerned. If you offer your patients some financing options, either informally or formally, they are more likely to opt for you simply due to the flexibility you offer in payment. Informal financing generally entails an oral agreement between the dentist and the patient that the payment for the treatment will be made by a fixed time.
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Formal orthodontist financing options generally involve the clinic having a contract with a third party financer, who pays the dentist for the treatment and then collects regular installments from the patient. This option is now being used more and more by dentists who with to establish flexibility in their clinic in order to bring in more patients. Patients who are offered financing options are also more likely to opt for procedures even if they are expensive since the flexibility to pay over a long period of time is present.

Develop Your Clinic

A significant detriment to any doctor’s clinic can be the presence of old and outdated equipment or methods. There is not much that turns off a patient more than the belief that the clinic is unlikely to be able to offer an appropriate treatment since the medical equipment is not recent. To allay these fears, dentists must regularly update and refurbish not just their equipment but their clinic as well.
Just like any other business, private clinics also need to exude confidence and positivity in order for patients to trust the doctor as soon as they walk in. This can be done by investing in new equipment and in refurnishing your clinic regularly. These investments can cost a lot, and you may wish to opt for financing. Financing is generally available for complete refurbishing or for each activity separately.
There are companies that offer flooring financing to clients if they wish to have the floor relaid or plumbing finance if they wish to get new pipes installed.

Go Digital

An increasing number of people are turning to telemedicine for their consultation needs. Any doctor with either a new practice or a dwindling turnout of patients may wish to explore the digital space in order to boost the sales of the clinic and the doctor’s own reputation. Signing yourself up on a number of telemedicine website or online pharmacies is very easy, and the number of people that you are likely to see every day is only going to increase in the future.
During hours when your clinic is either not open or does not have customers, you may wish to offer online consultation to patients. Patients who then feel the need to see a doctor in person may choose to visit your clinic, increasing your sales. The amount of monetary investment in online consultation is minimal, and the potential profits are many.


Market Yourself

In any competitive domain, the importance of marketing is immense. It is understandable that as a medical practitioner, it is unlikely that you will have the experience or the time for marketing. A number of doctors choose to hire a marketing team or ask an intern to do the needful online. As an alternative, you can opt for a few easy steps to make yourself more visible online.
As an orthodontist, there is minimal need to have regular Facebook or Twitter posts or an active Instagram handle, which are things you would expect from any other business. However, it is important to have a well-developed website that has regard for the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps you appear on the top of Google search results whenever a certain keyword is searched for.
You should also list yourself as a business on Google, so people get your location and contact information when they search for a dentist in their area.

Get Reviews And Testimonials

Among the most important pieces of data for an orthodontist looking for an increase in patients is the positive reviews and testimonials of previous patients. As a doctor, if the treatment of a patient goes well, you may ask the patient for a frank testimonial either on video or via text. You may post these testimonials on your website to increase trust among prospective patients.
Additionally, you may ask patients to rate you on your Google Business page or on any medical website you are registered on. This can increase your prestige among similar clinics as well.


As an orthodontist, there are multiple ways that you can explore in order to boost your sales. Some of these require investment at your end, while others are completely free to try, though less effective. Design a strategy based on the above points, and you are sure to witness an increase in patients.


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