If you’re a community-minded software enthusiast with some free time on Saturday afternoons then, the Linux Accra Users Group (LAUG) is probably the most important institution you may be hearing about only now.
Consisting of open source and Linux hobbyists, professionals, enthusiasts, developers, as well as newbies, LAUG members meet over their shared interest in Linux and other software—to undertake related projects as well as offer assistance and resources to individual members’ projects.
The group holds its weekly meetings at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT – Advance Information Technology Institute (KACE – AITI), located at 2nd Avenue Ridge, Opposite the Council of State, between the hours 2pm to 5pm (14:00 – 17:00) on Saturdays.
At these meetings, which are open even to total strangers, they:
·  Help solve Linux related problems, as well as engaging in networking, etc.
·  Teach members the benefits of Linux, comparing Linux to other operating systems.
·  Teach about Linux Kernel Teach about the various types of Linux Programming Languages.
·  Teach members about application software. Discuss advocacy. Discuss the free software / open-source movement.
Linux Accra organizes tech events, the most prominent being the annual Software Freedom Day (SFD) with the aim being to educate and increase awareness and usage of Linux operating systems, open source and free Software in the Ghanaian I.T Community, as well as connecting technology providers to developers and users to increase the knowledge base of available tech solutions.
Today being a Saturday, you might want to pass through for an opportunity to learn something new.
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