Quick, what sounds cooler, “X” or “Z?”
While Sony callously abandoned the Z for an X, Lenovo is reportedly moving through the alphabet in the opposite direction. And now we have some supporting evidence, thanks to a trademark application uncovered by Droid-Life.
Motorola Trademark Holdings, the shell company that owns Moto brands on paper, recently filed for the trademark “Moto Z.” The trademark covers “Mobile phones, smartphones and accessories therefor, namely battery chargers and adapters.” The application should not be taken as conclusive proof, but it does support the Venture Beat report from last week that claimed Motorola would change the name of its flagship phone to Moto Z.
Provided the leak is legit, the shift from X to Z looks a lot like change for the sake of change. Then again, at least Motorola has a new design in the pipeline – not to mention a series of innovative modules. Sony’s Xperia X series, in contrast, is little more than a rebranded Xperia Z.
The Moto Z (or new Moto X) will launch on June 9 in San Francisco, according to a press invite leaked by the generally reliable HelloMotoHK. The leak also mentions the name of the so-called Amps that Lenovo will presumably launch together with the Moto Z. These are Pro Camera (camera grip), Adventure (rugged cover), Theater (pico projector), Stereo (stereo speakers), Power (extra battery), and Style (default back cover?).
June 9 is the day Lenovo’s TechWorld conference kicks off, and the company already teased a smartphone announcement with a Razr trip down nostalgia lane.
What do you think about the new Moto flagship so far?
Source: androidauthority.com

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