When it comes to customer service in Ghana, I can’t boldly name any telecommunication network provider which will get even 50 out of 100 if I should rate them. They all have a very poor customer service and we all know how annoying it becomes when you report a problem which needs urgent attention and it takes forever to solve.

On the 21st of December 2018, I reported a problem to Vodafone Ghana, informing them that our broadband service was not working despite we having internet bundle and I was asked to provide the necessary details which I provided without wasting time.

I was then told the issue has been reported to the technical team and I will be updated via SMS once the issue has been resolved within 24 hours but the sad news is today is 3rd January and Vodafone Ghana has still not resolved the issue I reported to them over 312 hours now.

Image: Kwasi Enoch

I contacted them a few days ago and I was given feedback that they have sent a follow-up email to the team so I should wait for another 24 hours for the issue to be resolved, it’s over 48 hours and I still can’t access internet service on my Vodafone broadband service.

Vodafone increased the prices of their services recently and yet they are still not able to solve issues reported to them, the question is should customers still continue to pay for a service which is not reliable in addition to poor customer service?

Due to this, I have to be going to an internet cafe, pay extra money before I get my online works and projects done because the mobile internet service is even worse than you could ever imagine. Vodafone Ghana should stop taking their customers for granted because, without we the customers, they will be out of business.

Vodafone Ghana
IImage: Kwasi Enoch

The NCA should be looking at some of these issues before allowing telecommunication service providers in Ghana increase their charges, if little issues of this nature cannot be solved within 2 working days, then what’s the use of customers being charged extra money for such a poor service?

I hope the company in 2019 works on resolving customer compliant promptly. Everyone deserves value for their money spent on services.

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