The adoption of technology in a lot of traditional industries across Africa has always faced a lot of challenges. These cut across the technical product-market fit analogy all through to the acceptability of these innovations by traditional industry players; thus, it is always intriguing to see startups and big corporates come together to further a common goal.
Ghanaian retail and digital commerce startup, in pursuing this agenda, has partnered with Premium Textiles Ghana Limited, manufacturers of the GTP brand of Wax prints to leverage on their technology to promote authentic Made In Ghana textile prints across the globe.
In a campaign dubbed #WearGhana21, GTP will be rolling out a virtual fashion show with a wide array of Ghanaian designers bringing their creativity to bear with intriguing designs from GTP’s wide array of bespoke and intriguing textile prints.
To further its digital agenda, GTP in partnership with KudiGo, has launched their e-commerce platform buygtp.com which is built on the framework of  KudiGo’s StoreFront solution.
The technology provided by KudiGo firstly gives a StoreFront retail solution deployed at various GTP owned outlets in Accra and, using the same technology, ensures that the inventory is available online for purchase by customers in Ghana and across the world.
In effect, you can sit in the comfort of your home, enjoy the fashion show and make your purchases directly from buygtp.com and you will be guaranteed stock availability and delivery to any corner of the world.
A collaboration of this nature does not only grow GTP’s digital footprint but also ensures that merchants who sell GTP prints are able to attract a wider audience leveraging on the bespoke solutions startups like KudiGo offer.


About KudiGo

KudiGo is Ghanaian retail and digital commerce startup providing home-grown software solutions for retail businesses across the continent. Its flagship StoreFront product has empowered over 8000 retail businesses across Ghana and Nigeria to digitize and grow their business using software built by Africans for Africa. The company has offices in Ghana & Nigeria with a team of young Africans focused on continued innovation for retail on the continent.
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