Ghanaian car manufacturer, Kantanka Auto, has announced that we may be seeing Kantanka electric cars soon as it is ready to produce them in Ghana. The auto company says it is going to produce such cars by the last month of 2019.

This claim was made by the Chief Executive Officer, Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Junior. According to him, Kantanka Auto is going to produce electric cars to show the country and the world in general that the company can adapt to whatever technology and can stand the tech innovation competition on the global stage.

By the end of this year, Kantanka will build electric cars that could travel between Accra to Kumasi before recharge. We intend to do that before this year ends,” he said.

He has also revealed that the Kantanka Auto company is expanding its operations to other parts of the world and has recently opened a new office in Dubai.

 “Our company is fast-growing and currently we have another headquarters in Dubai and the challenge there is healthy for us because they understand luxury and that is good for us.”

Back in December last year, the company announced that it secured about 13,000 orders from 3 African countries. This order, according to the CEO, has been the company’s biggest order ever since production.

The next month after the announcement of the 13000 order, Kantanka unveiled a funny looking three-wheeled sports car with scissor doors, along with other Kantanka products. The other Kantanka products unveiled included saloon cars, military weapons, customised limousine, advanced armoured vehicle fixed with a laser rangefinder, exoskeletons, a V8 engine block, etc.

Kantanka producing electric cars in a country like Ghana could really prove a good thing but there’s always one question. Can those cars really compete with already established global brands like Elon Musk’s Tesla? That’s a question that would be answered when the company finally launches its version of electric cars.

The Kantanka Group was founded by Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo Kantanka (Snr). It’s under this mother company we find Kantanka Auto (officially, Kantanka Automobile Company Limited). Apostle Safo is also the founder of the Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana.

The company was made a limited liability company back in 2001. What it does is research into the manufacturing of automotive components and their combination with other parts outsourced from component suppliers. This they use to build a complete manufactured vehicle.
Since its inception, the Kantanka Group has made a lot of innovations. From TVs that switch off with a simple hand clap to automobiles. Kantanka vehicles are built in Ghana from complete knock-down (CKD) kits outsourced from partnered companies. The outsourcing of vehicle parts is done through Chongqing Big Science & Technology.


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