JICA provides scholarship grant to 13 Public Officers
JICA's Chief Representative, Mr. Hirofumi Hoshi and Ghana's Foreign Minister at the signing ceremony

Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA has signed a grant agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration to provide scholarship for young government officials to obtain a doctorate degree and master’s degree in universities in Japan. “The human resource development scholarship for the year 2020” provides a grant for 13 officials and they will attend the program to obtain degrees so that they will take an active role in resolving development challenges in Ghana after coming back home. It also expects to contribute to expand and enhance the bilateral relations between Ghana and Japan, and the government’s agenda “Ghana beyond Aid” through human resource development.

The scholarship program started in 2012 and 65 Ghanaians have benefited from the program.  From this batch, the number of scholarships will increase from 10 to 13 and the program adds to cover the doctorate degree for one officer, by responding to the Government of Ghana’s initiative emphasizing on Human Resource Development.

The human resource development scholarship for the year 2020

Grant Amount: 269Million Japanese Yen ($2.51 million-dollar)

Beneficiaries: 13 public officials (12 master’s degree, 1 doctorate degree)

Area: Economics, Public Finance Management, Public Administration, Health, Agriculture and Energy

Cooperate University: Kobe Univ., Nagoya Univ., Ritsumeikan Univ., Nagasaki Univ, Kyushu Univ., Hiroshima Univ.

Japan International Cooperation Agency is the official development assistance agency of the Government of Japan. Since 1977, JICA Ghana has been implementing many projects and assisting the Government of Ghana in its efforts at achieving the country’s developmental goals and agenda. JICA Ghana supports the Government of Ghana through loans, grant aids and technical cooperation in many thematic areas including governance, private sector development, health, education, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, volunteerism and others. Example of projects are Tema motorway roundabout project, Noguchi Research Institute in the University of Ghana, KAIZEN with NBSSI, etc.


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