JET Motor Company, a Nigerian auto manufacturing company has unveiled its new cars with optimum specifications for the Nigerian and African environment.
After 36 months of research, testing and iterative development, a few amazing outputs are the JET EV, Africa’s first all-electric vehicle, and the JET Mover, a luxury, durable, and affordable minibus built for African roads.
These cars are designed specifically to move in the African climate and the company keeps waxing lyrical about their vibrant shock absorbers, dope ground clearance, bigger tires e.t.c.
Rupani Sanjay, JET Motor Company’s Director of Sales and Marketing had this to say, “The JET Mover is a combination of the best design and technology practices from Europe and Asia, tropicalised for Africa. The shock absorbers are stronger than average, ground clearance is higher, tire sizes are bigger. Generally, our testing has led us to see what is best for the Nigerian and African market and that is what we have built with JET Mover.”
“We wanted to create a global product that is built to last. We were obsessed with getting it right because, if our vehicles can work well on Nigerian and African roads, they can succeed anywhere in the world..”

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