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JBKlutse.com started as an experimental portal for the Visionaire, John-Bunya Klutse. Being a trained computer scientist, JB wanted a platform, from where he could unleash his digital media strategies and techniques before applying to client’s live website. In his pursuit, blogging becomes a new-found passion — writing on topics of interest in technology. As his work got approval from readers, it became his primary focus as his strategies proved to be working for his blog.
JB’s decision to start JBKlutse.com — which has now become a full-fledged Tech blog — wasn’t a smooth ride. There are rough bumps every now and then but, we are grateful.
Ebo and Aisha are the first writers recruited into the JBKlutse team. A website hit which cost the blog a major source of revenue almost derailed the site. Throughout the hardships of those times, Ebo and Aisha continued working without pay for some time until things turned for the blog in the last quarter of 2017.

Celebrating five years of relevance

A desire to provide an archive for tech-related news, gradually developed into becoming a resource centre — not only for tech news — but also, adding our voice to what is happening within the technology and industrial space of Ghana. Recognizing the influence we were beginning to have, we diversified to include lifestyle and other exciting subjects without taking our focus off our main intention — which is to provide proper and relevant technology news about Ghana.
With time, we included our sister country Nigeria, and the rest of West Africa.
It has not been easy, but God is good and faithful. Focusing on technology as your niche in Ghana is not such a glorious thing. Ghana is not Silicon Valley (San Francisco), where there is something to write about every second. But this again is where the blessing is. The unpleasant encounters will push you to learn to provide value — because niches are not carved out for you, you carve them yourself.
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JBKlutse.com has grown to become Ghana’s most authoritative technology news site. Corporate organisations recognise the efforts we make to put out factual information and hence, consistently partner with us because they believe we will do justice to the reportage. In the face of all this, we are not resting on our oars because ultimately we will build something that becomes even bigger than ourselves.
Starting a blog is the easy part; sustaining it is where the real work is. Over the years, writers have come and gone, and a lot will attest to the fact that producing content is not as easy as it sounds because once again, there is a difference between good content and valuable content as decided by the readers.

Advice to up and coming bloggers


Taking the easy way out (clickbait and sensationalism) might seem like an answer in tough moments when you are not getting the traction you need for excellent stories. But when you remain faithful to the vision, the right people will notice, and when the right people are talking about you, a lot of good things will happen.
This is the long and short of it all; we are five years today. Together, we have come a long way, but we pray for the grace to do much more than we’ve ever done. This is just five years. We will continue building and developing, so we can better position ourselves to bring you content worth your reading and informative pleasure.

Closing remarks

In the words of Charles Wesley, “to serve the present age, my calling to fulfil (a charge to keep I have),” JBKlutse.com is here to serve, and we look forward to remaining valuable to you. Thank you for being part of our journey, and thank you for turning to us when you need information — a toast to five years and many more years of grace.
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