A few weeks ago, we reported the arrest of the founder of the original KickAssTorrents (also know as KAT) which caused the close down of the site. However, a lot of efforts have been put into keeping its name.
Many of those efforts in the form of mirrors and other fake sites sprang up with the most legitimate one being kickasstorrents.website which was created by Isohunt. This site works no more.
An alternative that came up was kat.am which many referred to as the original rebirth of KAT has also gone down the drains but its owner launched other replacements kickass.cd and kickass.mx and in contrast to other mirror sites, more torrents are added frequently.
Another alternative is kickass.la which doesn’t seem to be adding any new torrents. Meaning, it is a basic mirror of the original.
These sites have nothing to do with the original but are just copy cuts. Hence, logging in with your current account won’t work.
KAT may have outgrown pirate bay but at its own expense. The original KAT site is gone for good. Let’s see what happens to Pirate Bay’s users as they multiply as a result.
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