If you are a PC user who has over the course of time installed various software on your computer, there’ll come a time when you’ll need to uninstall some of those programs to create space on your hard drives or clear your registry. While almost all computers come with an uninstaller of some sort, they are not easy to locate on the go.
IObit Uninstaller Pro is the app you can use to relieve your Windows PC from unwanted stuff such as software, browser plug-ins and unused apps.

IObit Uninstaller Pro for a cleaner PC

IObit Uninstaller Pro is an app that helps you to completely remove all unwanted software such as bundleware (software that come installed as part of another). Aside that, the app completely removes residual files from your PC’s system.
Also, the app allows you to remove malicious browser plug-ins as well as toolbars — in order to play its part in protecting your privacy on Firefox, Edge, and Chrome.
And one more thing, the IObit Uninstaller Pro does a wonderful job with keeping tabs on the softwares that need updating, in order to keep your computer safe and secure.
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The current release of the app supports different versions of Windows including 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista as well as Windows XP.

App Interface

Installing IObit is pretty simple. After downloading the install file from the official site, you just go ahead with the installation process like you’d do with any other software.
The program comes with a simple user interface with all the essential tools and features presented on the welcome screen.

IObit uninstaller pro interface
IObit Uninstaller Pro interface

Key features of IObit Uninstaller Pro

As a fully featured platform, the IObit Uninstaller presents you with a wide range of tools. Aside being useful for uninstalling particular programs, it also helps you check for software updates as well as recommending unwanted browser plugins for removal, and more.
Here are some features to consider:

  1. It is supported on different versions of Windows, namely Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and Windows XP.
  2. The app is able to automatically monitor all software installations on your computer. So, anytime you decide to remove any one of those programs, it knows exactly which files or folders it will need to delete and uninstall — relating to that program.
  3. The ‘Force Uninstall’ feature helps you remove any program that cannot be uninstalled by the regular Windows Add-Remove program function.
  4. Perform Bulk Uninstallations.

App Support

Under the options menu at the top right hand side of the interface, you get the ‘technical support’ tab. Clicking on it will take you to the support page on the IObit website.
From this page, you can get your FAQs answered as well as find solutions for resending code, transfer, and how to renew license. You can also get an option to reach out via phone with a 24×7 support line, among others.


You can buy the license for USD 19.99 from the official website, covering 3 PCs/year.


With its performance as an all-in-one app manager, IObit Uninstaller Pro is your best bet if you’re looking for an easy way to uninstall your applications. Its clear and intuitive interface and deep set of features, as well as its ability to check for updates on non-Microsoft Store applications make it one of the best uninstallers currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 users.

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