How to check your mobile number on all networks in Ghana

Usually, when we buy new smartphones, it is typically hard to set up the web settings and we are left with no option that to go to the Internet Service Provider for your their internet configuration settings.

But what happens when you’re far away from the internet service provider and there’s no one around to help you configure your new phone for you to access the internet?  All things considered, I present to you the authentic web settings for every one of the telecommunication service providers in Ghana.

Vodafone Internet Settings

Vodafone Internet Settings

Vodafone Ghana has officially launched its 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) service – a unique and innovative technology that represents the next stage of the mobile data revolution. Vodafone’s 4G comes as a standard on Vodafone Post-paid and Pay as You go offerings. Customers can test the compatibility of their phones on 4G by accessing the *700*#6 option on their handsets.

1. Go to your device’s settings
2. Go to connections
3. Select mobile networks
4. Select Access Points Names
5. Tap add new APN
6. Select Name and enter “Vodafone Internet GH
7. Select APN and enter “browse”
8. Save the Settings
9. Activate to use new Access Point Name

MTN Ghana Internet Configuration

MTN Ghana Internet Configuration

To enjoy MTN’s 4G service, you need a 4G enabled device with a 4G SIM card and you must be within MTN’s 4G coverage area. You can start by dialing *585# to check your phone’s compatibility or visit any MTN service center for assistance. Remember, MTN’s is the only 4G service accessible directly from your mobile phone.

1. Follow step one to 6 in the Vodafone Internet Settings
2. Enter MTN GH as the APN name
3. Use either “Internet” or “Wap” as the APN

Glo Ghana Internet Settings

Glo Ghana Internet Settings

The mobile network provider is not a disappointment when it does come to the provision of its network services and the internet bundles and packages. Customers appreciate the cool deals that the Glo Ghana sells for their internet bundle packages.

1. Connection name: GLO
2.Access Point Name (APN): internet
3.User name: [Leave Empty] 4.Password: [Leave Empty]

AirtelTiGO Ghana Internet Configuration

TiGO Ghana Internet Configuration

Launched in November 2017, from a merger between erstwhile Airtel and Tigo, AirtelTigo is the second-largest Mobile Network Operator in Ghana. With a subscriber base of 10 million, AirtelTigo is a solid, dynamic and innovative brand, providing a wide range of telecommunications services, including mobile voice, data mobile financial services and business connectivity solutions.

Below is the internet settings for AirtelTigo

1. Connection name: AirtelTigo Gh
2.Access Point Name (APN): internet
3.User name: [Leave Empty] 4.Password: [Leave Empty]

Leave all other entries empty as that could prevent you from connecting to the internet, the most important ones are the connection and access point name.


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