Everyone is getting hooked with the online world especially the younger ones: children and teens. Many parents are concerned about their kids spending too much time on the internet in an unhealthy and unsafe way, not to mention the addiction they may be in.
As we pushed on to these modern times, our technology is getting even more advanced. It introduces us to a lot of networking sites, which makes the younger generation more vulnerable to cyberbullying, sexting, over-sharing, over-use, and many more digital issues that are needed to be taken care of.

Personal Information

Never give out any of your personal information without the supervision or approval from your parents. Any of your personal information such as first and last name, home or school address, or even phone number can be used by these fraudsters for their nasty business.
If you’re online using social networking sites and a random person asks for any of your details, you need to assess the person first and do all the necessary checks. You need to make sure you won’t be providing any important detail to someone who might use this to take advantage of you.


Passwords provide necessary protection from any identity theft or fraud activity. It is the first line of defense from any unnecessary and unauthorized access to your device or any account. Hence, it is one of the most important things to remember when being online.
The stronger and more complex the password is, the higher the chance of protecting your computer from any suspicious activities. This is the crucial role that passwords play in the online world. Remember that hackers may try to log in to any of your accounts and use your information for fraud activities, which may put you in legal trouble.

Use a Firewall

A lot of people are not so familiar with a network firewall and its function. It is a security system that controls and filters all incoming and outgoing network traffic based on specific security rules. It is designed to prevent unauthorized access from an unknown or private network.
Without network firewalls, your computer or any device connected to the internet or network is vulnerable to any malicious attacks. Don’t worry if you can’t afford expensive and high-end network firewalls as of now, because the market offers some firewall freeware that covers all the necessary protection your computer needs. You can ask your parents about choosing what’s best based on your needs.


Photos of a person being used for swindling purposes is something not surprising. You can easily find someone who experienced such because of posting pictures online. What’s worse is that it can be uploaded to and used on any adult sites.
The convenience of uploading photos with friends and family is indisputable. Sadly, so are the dangers. Aside from your photos being stolen online by strangers, tagging your location upon your photo upload can also be life-threatening. It may let the strangers or stalkers know where you live.

Do Not Visit Unfamiliar Sites

Children should be made aware of not just clicking or signing up to all of the sites they see on the internet. These sites mostly require you to give your email address. Even though you have all the technical securities placed for your device, visiting unsafe sites may still compromise your safety.
We should also keep on reminding our children to be extra careful with spam emails they might receive. Scammers usually provide free offers as bait, for your kids to click on a dangerous link, which will ask for their personal information. Remind them to be vigilant on offers that they think are too good to be true.


The internet has transformed our daily lives. Allowing us to book a holiday, shop, enjoy entertainment, online banking, and even gain new knowledge. That’s why we also allow our kids to use it for their convenience.
The internet can be of great help for kids as they can use it to communicate with teachers and other kids, play a few interactive games, or research for school reports. But too much exposure to it also carries potential risks. This is where parents and adults play an essential role, helping in usage moderation and proper parental guidance.

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