The features-copying war between Snapchat and Facebook (including WhatsApp and Instagram) rages on. And as it goes on, Instagram continues to look more like Snapchat. The newest thing copied is called Instagram Threads. What is it anyway?
Instagram Threads is basically a camera-focused app that [Instagram] users are going to use to message their close friends. Something that sounds more like what Snapchat basically does. Facebook announced that the new Threads app will be a complementary app to Instagram. It will let users connect and share messages with a smaller group of friends.
There is one thing about the Instagram Threads app. Though it has its own inbox for messages, users will still be able to read and reply to messages from their close friends in the primary Instagram app.
Threads works with your Close Friends list on the Instagram platform. This is the feature that lets users select who they want to share their Instagram Stories with. Other users cannot request to be on that list, only the user can control who can be on it. The people who are added are not given any notification, even when they are removed. So you can add and remove friends at any time.
Instagram Threads
Just like Snapchat, Threads allows users to send self-deleting photos and videos. You can share a custom status on the app as well. There’s also the automatic status tool, which uses your location and phone data to let your friends know where you are: home, work, etc. It can also tell them if your battery is running low.
The status function won’t expose your exact coordinates, and Instagram promises the location information collected won’t be used for ads, nor will the location information be stored on Instagram’s servers.

Similarities between Instagram Threads and Snapchat

The Director of Product at Instagram, Robby Stein, talked about the issue of Threads being a direct competitor to Snapchat.  He, however, didn’t directly address the question. Stein just said, “The reason we did this is because Instagram messaging, Stories and Close Friends are really successful. We’re seeing people increasingly have a need to share even more with the people who matter most to them.”
Well, you wouldn’t have to wait for a spokesperson from Facebook or Instagram to tell you that everything they do is a direct competition to competitors. From Stories to its augmented reality filters, Instagram has been copying way too much from its rival Snapchat.
It turned out to be a good thing for Instagram as about 500 million people use the Instagram Stories feature every single day. Comparing it to Snapchat’s 200 million daily user base, you could see Instagram is profiting off Snapchat’s copied features.

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