Just imagine yourself at a concert having fun and taking several selfies, and you suddenly get a low battery. It gets even more frustrating when your charger is nowhere to be found or if there is no charging point around to save the day. If you want to avoid such problems when you are having a lovely time with your TECNO’s Pouvoir 4 series, here are ways to improve its battery life.
1. Let go of your vibration mode: This mode should only be used for vital situations like meetings or seminars because it consumes too much of the phone’s energy when used excessively. If you are not aware, it also consumes more power than a ringtone.
2. Reduce the screen brightness: While using your smartphone, always learn to decrease your screen brightness not only to save your eyesight but also to extend your battery life. As you already know, screen light consumes battery.
3. Screen timeout after every use: Locking your mobile phone when it is not in use is not a bad idea. It saves your battery life, making it last longer than expected.

extend battery life TECNO Pouvoir 4
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4. Delete unused applications: It is common knowledge that though some apps might not be in use, they will still run at the background of your phone. This reduces your device’s battery life. It is wise to deactivate them that are not in use.
5. Disable GPS tracking: GPS tracking is not your battery’s friend. If you leave it enabled even when you do not need it, your battery will drain faster than you expect.
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