Testosterone influences behaviour, sexual performance and also some physical characteristics of man. Even though it is present in both the female and the male body, testosterone is found in much larger amounts in the man’s body than in the female and is considered the main male hormone.

A balanced level of testosterone is very important for male health because it is responsible for several organic functions and also for sexual desire. In men, it is essential for the development of reproductive tissues (testicles and prostate) and for the development of physical characteristics, such as increased muscle mass and bone density. The hormone also contributes to the regulation of sleep and decreases stress levels. At Testosteronerd you will find more tips on testosterone or check out Maxulin omdöme och test.

If at good and balanced levels the hormone is linked to several benefits, unbalanced levels (low or very high) bring complications to the body of a man. As increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, sleep disturbances, fatigue, stress, decreased libido and possible sexual impotence (erectile dysfunction).

High testosterone level

The body does not produce testosterone beyond what is necessary, so the body only gets very high if there is consumption of anabolic steroids, synthetic hormones that mimic testosterone without proper medical indication.

In most cases, anabolics are used to create more muscle mass, however, they can bring complications to the body if there is no medical prescription. Side effects are quite diverse, ranging from headaches to gynecomastia (nipple growth).

With medical monitoring, anabolics can be used in cases where hormone production is below normal. A hormone replacement is performed in order to leave a balanced level in the body.

Testosterone at low levels

Over the years, the body naturally produces less testosterone. According to some research, it can be verified that, after 40 years, the production of the hormone is reduced by an average of 1% each year.

Including testosterone dosage in routine blood tests from the age of 40 is a good way to keep track of the level of the hormone in your body. If there is a low dosage, it is already a warning of future hormonal problems, and may even prevent the problem with medical monitoring or change some habits and lifestyle for your body to produce more testosterone.

Knowing that the drop in testosterone production is natural over the years does not need to get you settled in this situation. Talk to a doctor to analyze solutions to stabilize the level of testosterone in your body. Generally, this is accomplished from methods of hormone replacement and lifestyle changes.

Testosterone, in addition to being responsible for various organic functions in the male body, is also responsible for sexual desire. So if you identify that your libido has subsided, it may be a sign that the hormone is at low levels in your body.

In addition to the question of age, other factors can lead to a drop in testosterone production, such as habits and lifestyle considered unhealthy. For example, eating too much fatty foods, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, consuming too much sugar and sedentary lifestyle.

Change habits and lifestyle

Changing your habits can be a great way to regain your quality of life, considering that testosterone is such an important hormone to keep a man’s health on track. However, if you identify many symptoms related to low hormone production, the best tip is to seek a doctor to identify the causes of the reduction and how to reverse the problem.
Testosterone - Its importance for human health

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