Huawei recently announced two new additions to its Y series smartphones, the HUAWEI Y8p and the HUAWEI Y6p. While both these new smartphones follow the Y series tradition of bringing powerful features to devices, both of them are unique in their own ways, making them one of the best choices for different kinds of users. Confused about choosing between the two? Let us help.

For those who love photography

If you are someone who uses their smartphone frequently for photography on the go, then you might want to opt for the HUAWEI Y8p. Packing a 48MP AI Triple Camera setup consisting of a 48MP main camera, 8MP Ultra-Wide angle camera and a 2MP Bokeh camera, you can be assured that every photo you take will be of stunning quality. To top it off, this camera setup also comes with support for AIS Super Night Photography, which basically means, with a single tap, you can get a well-lit photo even in low light situations.
This is mainly thanks to the on-board Master AI, which can also recognize up to 22 scenes. The HUAWEI Y8p also brings an improved front camera for all you selfie lovers as well. Upfront, the 16MP AI Selfie camera, promises not only beautiful selfies but also ensures stunning portrait effects, support for low-light selfies and even backlit HDR selfies!
The HUAWEI Y6p also packs a good camera setup, with a 13MP Triple camera setup consisting of a 13MP main camera, 5MP wide camera and a 2MP Bokeh camera. This setup also works quite well for lighter photography use, which is also complemented by the 8MP Selfie Camera upfront.

For those who do more with their phones

On the other hand, if you are someone who does a lot more with their smartphone daily, then you are going to need one that will last even during extended use. This is where the HUAWEI Y6p steps up with its massive 5000 mAh battery that will last you 3 days on a single charge! That’s not all, because it can also act as a power bank to charge up other devices and even function as a secure backup device. The HUAWEI Y8p meanwhile also packs a large 4000 mAh battery for all your needs.

Let’s talk about performance then

A smartphone’s capability for powerful and efficient performance is a key factor when it comes to purchasing a new smartphone. In fact, both the HUAWEI Y8p and the HUAWEI Y6p are quite capable of providing solid performance, backed with ample amounts of storage. The HUAWEI Y8p, for example, comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and uses the Kirin 710F processor with EMUI 10.1 for a smooth and efficient user experience. Gaming on the HUAWEI Y8p is further boosted by GPU Turbo, which enhances graphics and gameplay for a more immersive gaming experience.
The HUAWEI Y6p meanwhile, comes with 3GB of RAM with 64GB of storage along with the MTK Helio P22 chipset and EMUI 10.1, which is also capable of running multiple intensive tasks together.

For every music lover

While the HUAWEI Y8p can provide you with a great entertainment experience, the HUAWEI Y6p can step it up with its powerful audio features. The HUAWEI Y6p comes with HUAWEI SuperSound, which uses a combination of hardware and software innovations to increase volume levels, improve audio quality and enhance sound effects. This is further improved with 9.1 channel sky surround sound for an even more immersive experience.
Additionally, the HUAWEI Y6p comes with an FM Radio that does not require earphones to act as an antenna, making it easier to listen to the radio on the go. To top it off, the HUAWEI Y6p also supports the Party Mode feature, which will allow you to connect with multiple devices in the same network to play different notes of the same song, further enhancing your listening experience.

Display and Design

Both smartphones continue in Y series tradition and shine when it comes to display and design. The HUAWEI Y8p packs a 6.3-inch HUAWEI Dewdrop OLED Display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080. This display also brings an In-Display Fingerprint to unlock feature, allowing users to unlock their phone with a tap easily. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI Y6p comes with a 6.3-inch HUAWEI Dewdrop display with an HD+ resolution of 1600 x 720, but with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor instead. Both displays have minimal bezels as well, further enhancing the viewing experience.
In terms of design, both HUAWEI Y8p and HUAWEI Y6p boast beautiful back panel designs complete in unique nature-inspired colours that stand out from the crowd. The HUAWEI Y8p boasts colourways of Breathing Crystal, Deep Sea Blue and Midnight Black, while the HUAWEI Y6p comes in shades of Emerald Green, Phantom Purple and Midnight Black.
It is not easy to choose between these two stunning phones. Both phones deliver when it comes to performance, display and design, making it a great option when considering a phone upgrade. However, photography lovers can opt for the HUAWEI Y8p, while those who want longer battery life and improved audio can opt for the HUAWEI Y6p instead.

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