Huawei recently released the brand-new HUAWEI Y6s, another brilliant addition to the Y series. The HUAWEI Y6s comes with an abundant amount of storage, a stunning display and user-focused features giving it an edge over other smartphones in its segment. Check out some of its amazing features.

Large storage for all your files

The HUAWEI Y6s comes with 64GB of robust storage that is perfect for storing large amounts of photos, video, files and applications. In addition to 64GB, storage can be expanded to 512GB by using a memory card as well. The HUAWEI Y6s also comes with 3GB of RAM onboard, making it capable of running more intensive tasks with less lag. All of this is further supported by Huawei’s Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS), which boosts read speeds even further to ensure smoother operation and space-saving capabilities that add approximately 2GB1 of additional storage.

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Intelligent all-day performance

At its heart lies the powerful 2.3GHz octa-core processor that ensures apps, games and everyday tasks are carried out with ease. The HUAWEI Y6s also brings together hardware and software for more optimized performance. Supporting the processor is the intelligent EMUI 9.1, which carries out system optimizing tasks in the background to enhance performance. This includes clearing out system cache and automatic defragmentation. The software will also remind users to delete unnecessary files when storage space drops below 30%, making sure that performance does not take a hit.
The HUAWEI Y6s is powered by a 3020mAH battery, which can last for long periods of use. Additionally, the AI power-saving technology optimizes battery performance, which increases battery life further.


Unprecedented audio with Huawei SuperSound

One of the key highlights of the HUAWEI Y6s is its stellar audio solution, the HUAWEI SuperSound. By bringing together hardware and software, not only is the audio much louder, but it is also sparkling clear. This is achieved by raising speaker volumes by 6 dB with double the sound pressure level 2 and a superlinear speaker to improve the quality of sound. The architecture of the audio setup also allows for the housing of various components and improves resonance. Software-wise, complex sound effect algorithms help in contributing to a more premium speaker effect. Topping it all off is the Histen 5.0, a stereo sound system that uses 5.1 surround sound for a more immersive theatre-like effect.

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Stylish two-tone design complete with a rear fingerprint sensor

On the back of the HUAWEI Y6s lies the rear fingerprint sensor that can unlock the phone in a flash, along with the 13MP camera. However, the highlight of the HUAWEI Y6s’ rear is its two-tone design. A continuation of Huawei’s flagship design ID, this design ethos contributes towards the smartphone’s aesthetic appeal with a fashionable and stylish look.
With its user-centric features, stylish design and powerful all-day long performance, the HUAWEI Y6s is one of the best choices for someone who wants to do more with their smartphone but at a friendlier price point. It packs large storage, superb audio solutions and security measures including both fingerprint and facial unlock, all at an affordable package, bringing these premium features to all users.
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