Huawei, amidst all its troubles with the US, still tries to expand its business and keeps going about its business seeming unperturbed. Currently, the company is lacing its boots to unveil the Huawei P30 smartphones line-up on March 26 in Paris.
As cameras keep heading smartphone news, a rumour from GSMArena suggests, the Huawei P30 Pro will come with four rear cameras.

GSMArena points to a photograph from the Huawei company’s Consumer Business Group CEO, Richard Yu. The said photograph was a picture of the moon posted on Weibo with a watermark of details of the particular phone the photograph was taken with.

The accurate details were shaded to redact the most part of it, but looking closely it appears to read “Huawei P30 Pro” and “Leica Quad Camera”.  This would make the Huawei P30 the company’s first smartphone to come with four rear cameras.

Huawei P30 Pro will come with four rear cameras, a photo from the CEO hints

As the company is announcing that the Huawei P30 smartphone series are going to be launched on March 26, Huawei is using this trailer to tease that the camera system of its incoming phones will be a significant feature.

Already, Huawei phones like the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro have a telephoto camera lenses, though they only have a triple-camera system. This somehow makes it a little unobvious what the fourth lens would be used for. The Verge suggests that “it might amp up the zoom level or, alternatively, offer an extra wide field of view”.

Others are already in the game

The smartphone camera challenge does not seem to be fading away anytime soon. Almost every top smartphone company wants to pack multiple camera lenses into its flagship devices. Samsung raise the bar with the introduction of four rear cameras on its Galaxy A9. The Galaxy A9’s three additional lenses to the primary one were for depth-of-field detection, zooming, and ultra-wide shots.

But the Nokia 9 PureView is also rumoured to come with five rear cameras, which would be highest number of cameras on current flagship smartphones.

Though, multiple rear camera systems are becoming a thing now, when it comes to quality photographs, Google’s Pixel 3 is still seen as the best. The Pixel 3 comes with features like the Super Res Zoom, which lets you take quality photos while zoomed in, and the Night Sight feature, for taking bright photos in low light environment.


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