Huawei is reportedly testing a smartphone with its HongMeng OS to rival Android

Huawei Hongmeng OS

Reports coming from China’s state-run media, Global Times, says the Chinese tech giant Huawei is currently testing a smartphone with its own HongMeng OS and this operating system may be the replacement and rival of the Android OS.

From the reports, the smartphone and the said operating system may even be released by the end of this year. As this OS is supposed to be “an alternative to Google’s Android OS,” Huawei is planning to release it at its annual developer conference on Friday, August 9.

According to Reuters, Huawei executives have said that the software is primarily designed for IoT devices, though it will first come to Honor smart TVs.

The HongMeng OS could also expand into autonomous driving soon. Surprisingly, the said mobile phone is reported to be priced at $288, which seems to make it a lower-end smartphone.

This is clearly a move to safeguard itself from future troubles with the US which may result in the company taking a hit. As the US government recently banned Huawei, top tech companies in the US, including Google, were forced to terminate their dealings with the company.

This could have affected Huawei on a massive scale as its smartphones were running the Android OS from Google. Huawei itself had been preparing for such an event and but the ban has obviously forced the company to speed up its HengMeng OS development.

At least, their own OS will help them maintain their position as the world’s second-largest phone maker and a leader in global smartphone technology.

HongMeng OS for industrial or consumer use?

And there is this contradictory statement from an executive in the Huawei company. According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, the executive said that HongMeng operating system was rather made for industrial use. Thus, it won’t be used in consumer smartphones.

And that’s’ really contradictory!

Though the US has somehow loosened the restrictions on Huawei, it is probably advisable that the company does away with some American products like Android. And it will favour them in the long run if it starts now because you don’t know what decision the US government will take in the future.


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