Huawei To Improve Internet Connectivity In Rural Parts Of Africa

huawei internet connectivity africa

Even though the use of internet has grown rapidly in Africa over the years, it is important to note that access is highly concentrated in Urban Africa. Meaning, over 50% of Africa’s population either have zero access to the internet or extremely slow internet.
For mobile operators that are exploring rural rollout strategies, the cost constraints are currently quite inhibitive.  It is estimated that the average cost per rural site is upwards of $100 000 in CAPEX and an estimated $9 000 OPEX per year.
This coupled with low population density (2000 to 5000 people per site) and lower than ARPUs, results in longer return on investment (ROI) cycles that extend to ten years (and beyond).

Huawei’s Solution

Huawei is set to roll out a “RuralStar” solution which capitalizes on modern technology by removing the requirement for 30 – 60-meter towers with 12 – 18-meter iron poles.
This reduces the financial burden incurred by 80%.
This solution will expand internet access to rural areas by expanding connectivity in Africa.


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