How to update Wear OS on your smartwatch to the latest Wear OS 2.6

how to update Wear OS on your smartwatch to Wear OS 2.6.

Early last year, Google officially renamed its Android Wear operating system to simply Wear OS. Since then, the company has rolled out multiple updates to the software. The multiple updates to the Wear OS for smartwatch came with a lot of features too.

Only a few devices currently have the latest system update and it is likely your smartwatch doesn’t have it. The latest version, which is Wear OS 2.6, released in February 2019, was a jump from the previous Wear OS 2.3.

You can download the latest Wear OS version and update your smartwatch.

Availability of Wear OS 2.6

For those that have smartwatches that are already running on Wear OS, you’d have to wait for some time to upgrade. Your device will eventually be ready to move to the newest version. Also, any smartwatch that got the update from Android Wear to Wear OS can also get the latest update.

Follow the steps below to know if your watch is ready to upgrade to the new software. Smartwatches that have already got the update include the Huawei Watch 2, TicWatch C2, and Fossil Sport.

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How to update WearOS 2.6 for your smartwatch

If you have automatic updates set up and you usually leave your watch connected to the internet while charging, the update may have already dropped.

  1. To check, go to the Settings menu on the watch.
  2. Press on the System option.
  3. In the menu, go to the section labelled About. This is where you will know the version of your Wear OS. If “Wear OS 2.6 software” is written there, then your watch is up to date.
  4. If the number there is lesser than 2.6, then scroll to where it says System Updates.
  5. Tap System Updates to see updates that are readily available for your watch.
  6. To get the updates, make sure you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and have a Google account set up on the particular device.

If there is no new update readily available for your watch, you’d have to wait for a while.


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