Hacking of Facebook accounts is on the rise again, for the past 25 days, 3 of my friends have had their Facebook accounts hacked and I had to help them recover it. Just yesterday and today, I’ve not noticed that 5 of my other friends on Facebook have had their accounts hacked, hence my decision to write on this topic.
Many Facebook users don’t have much knowledge on how to secure their Facebook accounts and end up being victims to those hackers but worry no more, I’m here to give you simple tutorials on how to secure your Facebook accounts.
I’ll share with you 3 simple ways to secure your Facebook account.

1. Add An Active Email To Your Account

Image: Kwasi Enoch

To secure your Facebook account, make sure you add an active email address which you alone have access to to the account and make sure you’ve verified it after adding it to your account.

2. Add Your Own Phone Number To Your Account

Facebook settings
Image: Kwasi Enoch

Make sure to add your phone number to your account, if you have multiple numbers, add all of them to make the account more secured as this will help you recover your account incase of hacking.

3. Don’t Click On Every Link On Facebook

facebook hack
Image: fbaction.net

Most people always click on anything they see on Facebook, what most people don’t know is that hackers have their own unique way of hacking Facebook accounts. There are many ways of hacking Facebook accounts and one of them is known as phishing, a fake Facebook login page will be created and when you click on that link and enter your email and password, the hacker automatically gets your login details so avoid clicking on malicious links.
Always check the address bar of the page you are on before entering your Facebook email and password because phishing is very easy when you are not extra careful.

4. Activate Extra Security On Your Account

Image: Kwasi Enoch

Most people who use Facebook are not aware of the many features they can use to secure their accounts.
To set up the extra security for your Facebook account, simply navigate to Account Settings, after that, click on Security and login then scroll down till you see choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out.
This extra security feature will help you recover your account when it has been hacked and your phone number or email has been removed from the account. Simply choose 5 trusted friends and when your account is hacked, you can simply ask them to help you recover your account, Facebook will send them a code which you will use to recover your password.

5. Choose A Well Secured And Strong Password

Image: Kwasi Enoch

Choosing a password for your social media accounts shouldn’t be too difficult but many still fail when choosing a password. They choose passwords like ‘Mylove123’ ‘1234512345’ ‘Iloveyou123’ and many more simple passwords.
Choose tough and easy to remember passwords for your social media accounts and never share your password with anyone. Follow the above simple steps and your Facebook account will be well secured and out of sight from hackers.
Share the information to your friends and help them keep their Facebook accounts secured.

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