Many people are faced with the need to record a computer screen. You may need to re-create a sequence of your actions or record a game session, webinar, or something else whatever the objective, you will need a desktop recorder, preferably an audio recording device and a microphone. “IObit Screen Recorder” is a robust programmed for recording desktop recording, there are many Online Screen Recorder available but this is the top leading Screen recorder and it is also totally free!

How will you get benefit from recording your screen on YouTube?

If you are a new YouTuber who is looking for material for making videos, compare downloading all YouTube videos, recording your screen for YouTube is a great way to collect video material. You can record videos or moments then use them in your videos, which are more convenient, especially you can choose the part you like to save.
In this way, you can have more new ideas for making videos and at the same time, you don’t have to edit or cut videos and save a lot of time.

Some other uses of “IObit Screen Recorder”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have no choice but to be quarantined in their homes. You can continue to work or take classes, but only on a personal computer. To make sure you get all the relevant points, it is best to know how to record your computer screen before you start working or studying.
To help you maintain good performance during this difficult time, we have field-tested many screen recorders and selected the 3 best tools to record your computer screen. They are all easy to use and don’t take up a lot of your computer’s resources while running. Each of them will greatly increase your efficiency.
As one of the top PC software makers, IObit has released many famous desktop productivity tools including IObit Screen Recorder. It is a 100% free screen recorder. Users can enjoy many powerful features without paying a coin, for example, recording in 4K definition, input from multiple audio sources and multi-format conversion.
Unlike other screen recorders with the very complicated user interface, which brings users a lot of inconveniences, IObit Screen Recorder greatly optimizes the steps of use by designing interference friendly. Users can manage the entire usage process in just a few steps. When it comes to recording your screen on PC, IObit Screen Recorder should be a high priority option.

Key advantages that make it batter from other

Flexible screen capture

Users can select any area of ​​the screen to start recording from the entire screen in a small dialog box. The IObit Screen Recorder also supports multiple screens.

No lag during HD recording

The latest technique ensures that the IObit screen recorder uses very little RAM. Users can hardly feel the existence of its operation. You can continue your work or change randomly while recording.

Edit after registration

More than a screen recorder, IObit Screen Recorder is also an easy to use video editor. Users can freely edit their recording videos to make them perfect.
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