Google suspends Xiaomi integration
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Google collects a huge amount of information about you if you did not know. The search engine does not forget every search you make and all the YouTube clips you watch. This happens for Android and iPhone users.

Google Maps also logs wherever you go, the route you take to reach there, the time you arrive and the time you leave, even if you never launch the app.

The info Google has about you is surprising but luckily for you, we can show you How to manage or delete activity on Google:

  1. Get yourself signed in to your Google Account and select Data & Personalization.
  2. To view a list of all your activity that Google has logged, swipe to Activity controls and choose & App Activity.
  3. If you want Google to stop monitoring your web and image searches, browser history, map searches and directions, and interactions with Google Assistant, ensure the 2 boxes are unticked.
  4. After that, tap Manage Activity. It will show you all the info Google has collected on you from the activities above.
  5. To make Google automatically delete this kind of data, tap Choose to delete automatically and set any timeframe of your choice.
  6. If you will prefer to delete part of all of your activity history manually, select Delete activity and select Last hour, Last day, All-time or Custom range.
  7. As soon as you select an autodelete setting or manually select which data you want gone, a popup would be visible, asking you to confirm. Choose Delete or Confirm.


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