How to make your girlfriend happy

girlfriend happy

So most guys who have been in a relationship will complain endlessly about how difficult it is to keep their girlfriends happy. They feel like no matter what or how much they do for her, she won’t ever be satisfied. They feel like the tiniest things can result in uncontrollable outbursts. And they assume that any efforts they put in this relationship will ultimately prove to be pointless. I’m here to tell all you guys to stop complaining and start acting! It’s not about how much you’re doing for your girl, it’s what you’re doing that actually counts.

We’re not the monstrous, unreasonable individuals that you’ve imagined us to be and we’re not at all that hard to please.

And if you want to learn the simple steps of keeping your girlfriend happy, then start implementing the following:

Step 1: Work towards making her feel good

Making Her Feel Good
PART 1: Making Her Feel Good
  • Display your affection: Tell her how much you love her, not just with your words but also your actions. Find reasons to be close to her. Hold her hand like you won’t ever let go. Kiss her on the forehead and kiss her on her cheeks, not just on her lips when you’re ready to have some wild moments together. Tell her how amazing she looks and when she’s telling you a story, don’t lose eye contact. Show her that you’re really listening. Compliment her on how beautiful she is but don’t forget to compliment her on her achievements, abilities and talents as well.
  • Keep letting her know how much you love her: Don’t say this too often that your words start to lose meaning or significance but don’t stop saying it altogether. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for years, it still feels nice to hear those three words, to realize what you mean to a person and to know your worth in their life.
  • Look for reasons to touch her: Men don’t realize it but even the slightest touch can make a girl feel extremely special. Hold her hand, give her an unexpected hug or just hold her face gently, look into her eyes. These are the moments that will make her feel truly loved and protected.
  • Show her that she’s your number one priority: Don’t call her or meet up with her only when you have all the free time in the world. Even if you’re busy, send her a simple text to know you’re thinking of her. If you have plans with her, don’t cancel them for a night out with your boys. She understands that you have a life outside of this relationship but don’t make her feel like she’s just an option in your life. *Continue reading to next page*

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