how to free up space on iPhone

If your iPhone is running slow, it could be that your storage is running out. And if your storage is running out, you begin to get handicapped. You may even be prevented from saving or creating some important files. Good for you, we have here how to free up some space on your filled-up iPhone.

But if your iPhone gets filled up frequently you may have to think about getting an upgraded version which has more storage capacity. If your pocket is not ready to shed some more bucks on a mobile phone then you need this.   

Follow these quick ways to free up space on your iPhone. But first, let’s see the space we have left on the phone.

How to check space left on iPhone

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap “General”.

3. Now tap “iPhone Storage”

4. Here, you would have to wait a few seconds for your iPhone’s space details to load in the graph at the top.

5. The graph at the top of the screen will show you what apps and files (photos, music, etc.) are taking much space and how much space you have left.

how to free up space on iPhone

Now, we know how much space you have left on the iPhone so let’s try to free some up. You just have to remove the apps that you don’t really use anymore.

Delete apps and their data to free up space on your iPhone

1. Under the iPhone storage graph, all your apps will be listed in order from one taking lots of space to the one using less space.

2. Tap on an app in the list to see the app’s details page. You can choose to offload the app from the iPhone temporarily, or permanently delete the app and all its data.

Now there are these two things you should understand, the “Offload App” and “Delete App” options. Choosing any of them you should know what it actually does.

how to free up space on iPhone

Offload App: This deletes the app from the phone but it leaves behind all its data. The data is left so that if you reinstall the app, you will continue using it as you were. This is advisable for apps that are originally big in size and you plan to use again. You just kick out the app itself and leave the data.

Delete App: This option clears the app and all its data. You choose this option if you permanently want to delete the app.

If you are going to clear photos, be sure you did a backup of them, my two cents.



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