High ping is a common issue for many gamers. A heavily congested internet connection can cause a high ping or result from a computer set up with too much lag. High latency and packet loss can also cause high ping rates on your router.

1. Restart the modem and the router

Lag spikes may appear when your device loses connection, so one of the easiest ways to fix these issues is by restarting the modem and the router. This may seem simple, but it can positively affect you if you want to get rid of the lag.

2. Get a wired connection or a direct line

There is a possibility that your WiFi loses its signal when there are too many obstructions in distance and walls. A wired connection ensures you a stronger connection, while the direct line minimizes the number of connections between you and the source.

3. Turn off other devices

Your router still connects to other devices in your house, especially if it is a WiFi connection. This can cause lags, so make sure to turn them off, even the microwaves or the lights connected to the same circuit as your computer.

4. Upgrade your internet speed

This is an easy solution that can have positive effects on your gaming experience. If your ISP allows it, upgrade your speed tiers for more speed during downloads and better uploads, but keep in mind that this also enhances costs. There are ways to boost your existing speeds without upgrading through hacks.

However, these methods may not be 100% safe or legal, so consult your ISP first before trying them.

5. Stay away from tools and sites that claim to be “lag removers”

Some software and websites claim they can un-lag you, but they will drain your money and provide no change in the ping or lags you encounter. There are only a few software that works, and it is best if you do not download anything unless you know how to use it properly.

6. Get new DNS servers

If the problem persists after all of the above, try changing your DNS server. This is different from country blocking as it is closer to hardware optimization than anything else. It works because most services, such as Youtube, will check your location based on its public IP address, and if it is far from your real location, the content is either not accessible or has very low quality.

If you use a DNS server in another country like Singapore, Youtube will think you are in Singapore, and the video will be of high quality.

7. Disable power management on your network card

You can disable power management on your network card to prevent disconnections when playing games. To do this, follow these steps: Right-click on “MyComputer,” select “Properties,” Then click on “device manager” Double-click on the “Network Adapters” category Scroll down until you find your network adapter (e.g., Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller).

Select everything under the category but DO NOT right-click on the category. Select “Properties” on the menu that pops up. A new window should then appear. Click on the “Power Management” tab Disable everything there, Close the windows and restart

8. Change your MTU value

If all else fails, you can also change your MTU value. However, this is a more complicated process, so it is best to ask other people for help if you do not know how to do it: Go to Start > Run Type CMD and press enter Open another CMD window by going to the first one and typing IPCONFIG /ALL Look for your default gateway (the number after Default Gateway).

In this case, it is Use your preferred browser type in its address bar (e.g., http://Your_Default_Gateway:8080). On the new page, type in your username and password (the default ones should work). Go to Administration > Commands Paste this code after everything else: – – – Change MTU value – –

9. Get a better router

You can always get a better router to eliminate both hardware and software-based problems. Your current model may not be fast enough o handle heavy traffic or games so that you might need some upgrades.

Tons of great models won’t cost too much but will provide optimal speed and performance for your computer. For more info on this topic, check out our blog post here: [insert link]

10. Check your ISP for problems

You can also contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see if they are having any problems in the area. It might be that several people are streaming Netflix at the same time you’re gaming, resulting in poor download speeds. This has been known to cause high ping or lag, even when you have a good connection.

11. Remove unwanted programs

If you think one of the programs running on your computer is causing high ping, try closing them and running your game again. If it normally works after closing everything, then one of them was probably causing it in the first place. You will need to figure out which one it is, so try uninstalling different programs until you find which one is not needed.

12. Remove background applications

Suppose your wireless connection continues to fail you even though you have already switched to a wired one. Many gamers complain about their connections being intermittent, lagging, and low download speeds when playing online games, attributed to their computers not being optimized.

In that case, it might be because your PC is using bandwidth from your internet connection to support running applications. It would be best to close background applications to ensure that your internet line has enough capacity to transfer data effectively.


When you’re experiencing high ping, it can be frustrating and affect your gameplay. A few factors may cause this issue, including hardware or software problems on the computer system. You can always have a ping test or testing ping at devicetests.com.

Ping is the measure of how long it takes for a packet to travel from your computer and back. A high ping means more latency, which in turn means slower connection speeds or longer download times.

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