Every driver’s main goal is to avoid accidents, but sometimes these incidents are inevitable. So, it is important that every driver needs to know what should be done after a car crash. Many people find it hard to stay calm after a car accident, even if they weren’t injured or only received minor injuries.
However, to remember the right steps that should be done after the crash and ensure everyone’s safety, you have to stay calm and alert. Not acting correctly right after a car accident can get you in a lot of trouble, especially if you didn’t get a medical check. Here are some of the things that you should do after a car crash to ensure your safety.

Check Yourself and Passengers

If you were involved in a car accident, the first thing you should do is to stop immediately, turn on your hazard lights, and check yourself and your passengers. If someone was injured, don’t move them and wait for the medical team to arrive. In case there are some scratches but no serious injuries, move your car to the side, so you don’t block traffic. However, before moving your car, check the engine and ensure that it wasn’t affected by the crash. If the engine was hit or you can see smoke coming from the hood, get out of the car immediately and stay as far as possible.

Contact Your Lawyer

Some people leave the accident scene when they feel they’re okay and believe that there’s no need for a medical check. However, symptoms of injuries may manifest later on, which may cause pain related to internal bleeding or bruises from the accident. However, at that point, it will be harder to file for an insurance claim or sue the other party as it will be more difficult to trace back the injuries to the accident.
Professional North-Carolina-based lawyers at McMath Woods P.A. recommend calling your lawyer right after the car accident to know all the right steps that you should do to ensure your safety. Your lawyer can then help you file an insurance claim to cover your medical bills if it wasn’t your fault.

Call 911

How to ensure your safety after a car crash
Whether it was a big crash or a small one, calling the police and emergency services is a must after an accident. The emergency services will provide a medical team to check on you and the other parties involved to make sure that everyone is safe. They will also send officers to investigate the accident to know who’s at fault.

Collect Evidence

After you’ve contacted emergency services and your lawyer, it’s time to collect as much evidence as you can. These pieces of evidence should include pictures of your car, your medical examination from your injuries, the other party’s contact information, and witnesses’ statements and information as well. You should also get a copy of the investigation that was done by the officers, as these documents will help you get any compensation you’re eligible for and prove that the accident is not your fault.
Many people tend to calm themselves, drivers and passengers, when they get involved in an accident as if nothing has happened. Some neglect seeking medical care when there are no obvious injuries or not calling the police to investigate the accident scene.
They do not realize that this behaviour can get them in trouble if the other party decides to sue them. That’s why, in such scenarios, it’s always important to call 911 right after an accident and contact your lawyer, even if you’re not sure who’s at fault.
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