enable the new Incognito Mode in Google Maps
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Incognito mode in Google Maps can be useful for several reasons. It could be that you are exploring your next holiday destination on a shared phone and you want to keep it as a secret for now, or maybe you are making a fast dash to an ice cream store closeby to surprise your better half.

No matter the reason, Incognito mode is now accessible on Google Maps for Android and we are here to show you How to enable the new Incognito Mode on Android?:

To enable Incognito mode in Maps on your Android phone, launch the application, then tap on your profile pic in the search bar on top, and click “Turn on Incognito mode.” Adhere to the same instructions to disable Incognito mode.

Please note that some features will be deactivated once you enable Incognito mode. They are Commute, For You, Location History (on the entire device, not just on Maps), Location Sharing, Notifications and messages, Search history, Search completion suggestions, Google Maps Contributions, Google Assistant microphone in Navigation, Offline Maps, Your Places, and Media integration.


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