How to disable Google Maps’ excessive notifications

disable Google Maps notifications

Google Maps is a lifesaver, but its excessive notifications can be annoying at times, especially if you use it on your Android phone. The app has several notification options and they are all enabled by default.
To be fair, some of them are extremely vital notifications but the majority are just a lot of time-wasting, trivial and frustrating nonsense.
Luckily for iOS users, this is not a problem they battle with, it is strictly something you experience if you use Google’s OS.
Android users should not be wary though, Google Maps allows you to disable notifications one by one, but to make things simpler for you, there is a quicker way to filter these notifications if your Android device runs on Android 9 Pie software.
Let’s highlight the instructions to be adhered to below:
Before we begin, be aware that the location of some menu items might be different depending on the type of phone you own.

disable Google Maps notifications


On any Android phone with Google Maps installed

  1. Launch Google Maps, then click the menu button seen in the top left corner of your display.
  2. Swipe down, then choose “Settings.”
  3. As soon as you are in Settings, locate and click on “Notifications.”
  4. Under notifications, every notification in every category will be visible. Open each one to disable any notification you deem useless.

On devices running Android 9 pie software

  1. Long-tap on Google Maps and after that, click “I” which is the information button. You will be directed to the “App info” page.
  2. Click “Notifications.”
  3.  Within Notifications, you will see them all broken down into different categories. Just check the categories and disable full sections of unimportant notifications. Individual notifications in different categories can be deactivated as well if that is what you want.
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