Cancelling a bid on an eBay item is possible if you made it in error. For example, you typed in your maximum bid as $80 rather than $20, or the item’s description changed and you are no longer interested. The bid can also be cancelled if you cannot reach the seller on the phone or via the email. See to cancel a bid you’ve made on eBay?:

How can I cancel a bid on eBay?

  • Get yourself logged into your eBay account.
  • Tap “Help & contact” in the search box that will be seen and then enter “retract bid.”
  • Tap on the “Retracting a bid” help page and then tap the blue “Retract a bid” button, then “Get started” on the next page.
  • Choose the item you wish to retract your bid from and tap “Continue.”
  • From the drop-down menu you will see, choose your reason for cancelling your bid and tap “Continue” once more before tapping “Retract bid.”
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